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Do you want a free pick-up and delivery service, guaranteed work and competitive rates?

Then A.H. Franks is the place for you. See more great benefits we offer to small and medium sized local business.

It’s a jungle out there!

Most people know very little about tyres. It makes sense therefore to ask an expert. Seems simple enough. Google tyres, select your home town and voila!…”experts for Africa”.

The trouble is, many of the experts have a hidden agenda. They act like they deal in all tyre brands but in reality they push one brand and only recommend that brand for your particular circumstances (a bit like a liquor store that only sells white wine).

If you know very little about tyres, don’t be swayed by big budget marketing. Talk to people who are passionate about independent advice, value for money (for YOU), ultimate customer service and integrity founded on a third generation family business spanning 90 years (since 1921) … and counting.

Jim Nolen,
AH Franks Tyre & Auto

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